15 March 2016

Love of Country

We are a nation
That must start
To connect the dots
That God Had Always
Blesseth Upon Our Nation
With the blessings of
Our technology,
My performance,
And of course,
His Divine Providence.

For it is without GOD
That this nation will continue suffering
Regardless of the best, or of the brightest
Among all of Mankind’s Bells & Whistles.

GOD comes in many forms
It’s hard to really see.
But I Believe that He
Ultimately comes in the form
Of a divine projection unto your soul -
A projection of your dreams
A projection of your past
And ultimately a vision into your future
All based in the safe, secure, reliable,
And solidly grounded system of the present.

But it is the fog that stirs fear,
But never fear, right, for the bell tolls?
For whom? For whomever buys the nicest bell?
Or is it for whomever throws the grandest balls?
Because after all,
When we check ourselves,
We make better sure we don’t wreck ourselves.
No wonder OHIO has so many Presidents.
We have some common fucking sense, People.

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