14 March 2016

My Privilege and My Precious Vote

Quit bitching about my privilege if you’re not going to also consider my struggle.

I don't buy into this "PRIVILEGE" argument that I often hear discussed – mostly among the “holier-than-thou” libs out there. WHY are you electing to use my privilege against me? What is it about my identity – among both the privileges AND the struggles that it comprises – that is so suddenly objectionable through your lens, due to this newfound “privilege” buzzword? Why is it YOU who gets to define my privilege for me? Nobody (not even my loved ones) will ever have a 100% complete picture of my "privileges" and “struggles” to criticize.

Nonetheless, your unique life story indeed does entitle yourself privileges, just as it weighs you with oppression. However, I do not like it when others try to define for me what those privileges and oppressions are. But I DO appreciate genuinely their good-intentioned insight!

Individual experiences, "privileges," oppressions, etc. notwithstanding: We need "heart-soul agreement." We need CHANGE. And we need it NOW. For all of us – TOGETHER here. This great diverse nation should not be divided into demographic segments and political parties. Today’s Americans are more complex, unique,and fluid in their identities than ever before. To call us blacks, gays, liberals, progressives, whatever – it TAKES AWAY from my individuality and the great diversity we share as a nation. All for what – to get elected? If we are too truly have a conversation on how to make America great, we should be focusing on common goals – not talking points. Therefore, I invite OHIO to COME TOGETHER - to BUILD THIS COUNTRY UP AGAIN - regardless of your color or other preferences - OUR collective end product,

The United States of America!!!

This snake is neither privileged nor oppressed; it is DEAD.
Because divided we fall.

If we were to let that occur, that is the point at which we WILL have a COMMON struggle - in chains.

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