07 April 2019

Pop-EE Seed Creations

I'm working on merchandising some of the work I've produced and designed throughout my life. My goal is to sell my collections of mazes, coloring books, planners, and visual designs in a way that is broadly accessible to the consumer market.

03 April 2019

Steubenville 2024

I want to enter politics in Steubenville, Ohio, assuming that I successfully establish a presence as a small business owner downtown. I could use aspects of my "Cities Skylines" replica of the city to portray a vision for the city, with respect to physical infrastructure, civic amenities, etc. while providing details on a Wiki-style website of developing budgetary solutions to deliver on aspects of the vision idealistically set forth.

PUNCH! bar concept

Coming soon to Downtown Steubenville. The future begins 2022.

Open to all forms of good-intentioned, non-violent humans, this bar would feature arcade games, including homegrown collaborative games, pinball machines, and retro-grade arcade machines. It would feature a number of interactive exhibits, including a hamster tube labyrinth/habitat, incorporated with tubing for a hookah parlor.

Internet kiosks would be set up in the bar to empower individuals to strike down fake news articles cluttering the internet via various social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google). Participating patrons would receive 10 cents discount from their bar purchases per article struck down.

01 April 2019

Mike's Kick'N Chicken

The mission of this endeavor is to create a quick-service fried chicken concept that would compete with Chik-fil-A, in order to provide a space where queer people, allies, and friends can visit to enjoy delicious fried chicken and associated "fixins."

Profits would be invested back to local communities to support marginalized groups among the queer (i.e. LGBTQ) community.

The menu proposed is as follows:
  • Kick'N Chicken Strips - $5
  • Waffle Fries - $3
    • Cajun flavored
    • Rosemary & truffle oil
  • Durian sweet tea - $2
  • Lychee sweet-n-sour lemonade - $2
  • Large cookie - $2
Implementation plan:
  1. Demonstrate recipe at party, April 2019
  2. Cater for friends' events, April - December 2019
  3. Establish catering service and/or food truck, June - December 2019
  4. Establish fixed location - Columbus, Steubenville - 2020
  5. Expand to other locations - Pittsburgh, Montreal, Portland, et al. - 2021