26 April 2016


Last decade, you helped me come out of the closet.
Last year, you helped me find the light.
Last month, you guided me to the lift.
Yesterday, you taught me why I need to wait
Today, I'm pressing the button,
In a moment, we step forward, together,
For tomorrow, we awake
All aboard the next level.

24 April 2016


It was a bright summer day in June,
Our class was set to graduate in 2004.
The skies were clear and sunny,
But commencement was held indoors,
For what’s more important than the color of your stadium’s grass
When we’ve got something to say
About the stains you’ve paid so handsomely to erase?

I grow weary of being told to sit down
And to listen to your consultants and your promises.
I grow impatient when we cry out “YES WE CAN!”
Only to have you mock the fire, spreading throughout the land.

Thank you for playing the game.

It is our turn to speak.
You had your shot.
It is our turn to show you
Why the future is worth fighting for.

The simplest and the oldest lessons endure.
In a world where everyone
Shouts for likes,
Mines for shares,
Sometimes, what we need to do is
Tune out the noise,
Tune into our soul.

He’s teaching, we need to be quiet.

10 April 2016

Russian Influence

I felt something,
Something big,
Something that echoed farther than I ever could imagine.
Was it divine?
Was it destiny?
Was it simply a system resonance 
That I unknowingly tapped into?

For when the world reverberates
Those who lie on top
Are the first to fall off.
And those who sense
Can only feel the dizziness of the stir that surrounds them.

And when the world calls out to your heart,
You have the choice
To let the melody enchant your soul
Or to let the resonance shatter it.

Will you opt to tune in?

09 April 2016


It has always been known
That slavery exists
In whatever form the present permits

What is not always known
Is the peon class
Of the unfortunate and the unenlightened
Who vote against their own interests and dreams,
And vote against freeing their fellow Americans from today's oppressors.

Because they would rather vote,
In fear, against something
Rather than vote for a dream worth living.

07 April 2016


The "bad" news is that
I no longer give any fucks.

The good news is that
I no longer give any fucks
About the things I was too nervous
To take apart and fix.

What is it that distinguishes confidence from hubris?
A dose of humility,
Rooted not in apathy,
But rather a healthy patience,
Because time must be your friend, not your enemy.

06 April 2016

Patience is a virtue

My biggest flaw is that I lack the patience to break down the lens and biases of the individuals that I need to empower and recruit towards the fulfillment of good.

02 April 2016

Coronation Speech

For my 30th birthday party,
I prepared the following spoken word
On the topic of the election propaganda cycle.