31 January 2016

Guns & Freedom

In the good ol' days, owning a gun was seen as a noble sign of individual responsibility and the protection of your hard-earned property and family. Now, any two-cent redneck buys a gun from Wal-Mart on their way to the nearest Donald Trump rally to show off their goods to those who enable such behavior.

The flamboyence of such a perverted lifestyle choice needs to be stopped at once. It's not natural, and it's obviously not what God designed men to do. Quit waving around your unnatural abomination, enabled by an entire underground horde of like-minded sinners throughout the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH, producing and marketing these disgusting products, that we, as God-loving people, are forced to explain to our children.
We don't take kindly to having our tranquil communities interrupted by a bunch of flaming gun owners, trying to corrupt our children's values with their perverted ways. Tell these gun blowhards that they can move back to Cabela's or Alabama or wherever, and quit tainting our communities with these NRA queers.

17 January 2016


Dissatisfaction at the two-party duopoly in Washington, fed by a bipartisan-media-controlled two-party state that presently strangles our country and works to amplify this stalemate for the interest of readership and corporate profit.

I adore Hillary; it's a shame that Hillary has unwittingly become part of that status quo, because her stellar resume would otherwise seal the deal with the American public. But Bernie Sanders is far more reflective of the issues that people (including many progressives) have yearned for, with little to show for from the Democratic establishment.

We'll see if Hillary can survive this anti-duopoly up-swelling better than the incumbent Republicans on their side. So far, she's maneuvering much more gracefully than those candidates.

unsure emoticon
Here's a succinct 3-step proposal for any candidate to propose, in order to address the dynamic described above:

1. End the electoral college.
2. Automate allocation of districts to end gerrymandering.
3. End first-past-the-past voting; replace with ranked-ballot (instant runoff) elections.

This would enable the multifaceted conversation that's going on around the country, thanks to us having more than two choices, without fracturing the large tent of the mainstream parties. Think if we had a system that rewarded candidates and parties for offering choice, rather than punish them with a system that stokes division rather than drive collaboration.

Whatever your party affiliation, the 3 steps outlined would likely benefit your candidate, but without driving the wedge that the "other guys" are likely trying to exploit. When our politics are so sorely constrained by gamesmanship, it's time to shake up the game, and change the rules a little bit.