16 March 2016

Loud TRUMPS Love

The Sheep seek a dramatic,
Packaged and consumed
Straw Man
So that a Real Woman can
Lead us in 8 more years.

We The People
Cannot afford to Wait any longer
For our voices to be heard.
By "her" - by whoever.
Whatever person, place, or thing elects to FIX the problem,
Rather than exploit it for feminismOr for some other-colored banner.

Humanity sucks sometimes When it comes to thinking long term.
We're so consumed with ourselves
That we miss the bigger picture.
Facebook is the mirror
That provokes
Rather than commits.

I have HOPE that our country
Is distinct from that looking glass
In that we will work together to fix who we see in that mirror
Rather than the color of the frame.
This is a fix That we need To identify,
Not optimize for an election.

Shock and awe will always
TRUMP common sense.

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