09 November 2013

A brief reflection after a year in Columbus

It feels great to be a young professional on a solid start to a rewarding career.  It was a year ago that I moved to Columbus to start work at AEP.  This shortly after a whirlwind period of job searching, dealing with death in my near family, living as a broke illegal student in academic limbo in Canada, a melancholy breakup with Logan that still makes me sad to think about, and more riveting tales of chaos and loneliness.  Stability and independence are my two primary objectives during these first couple years in Columbus; with a lot of emotional and financial baggage I've carried with me to this lovely city, I can't afford to have a false sense of security about things just because I happen to be one of the lucky ones in our generation with a nice job and stable income for now.  There's still a lot of adventure in store, though, and I can't wait to grow more grounded and at home in this beautiful city.

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