29 April 2014


For those of you who have been left waiting in desperate anxiety for another post, here I am again, world! ^_^

Life is stable.  Stable is good for now.

Work has been fantastic.  The job continues to be a really fun adventure every day.  I could do better at it, and not be as behind as I'm getting, but things are going smoothly overall.  I've been exercising more, especially since joining the Ohio Splash swim team, which has helped establish a more solid workout routine.

I need to be more socially engaging.  I'm hosting a cookout this weekend in an attempt to do just that.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice, and the meat will be plentiful.  Hehe!

Blah, I suck at divulging my thoughts nowadays.  I need to drink more before writing blog posts.

A Saturday night of toked productivity.

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